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One Equipment Card – Multiple BPs

Sometimes people get emotionally attach to things. Are you thinking about your first car now? Well, it can be much smaller things, for example – the red stapler you have in the office and that never lets you down. Most of the time though, devices are there to serve us, but not just us… for example, a coffee machine may serve two companies located at the same floor of a building. To allow the service provider to reflect this practice, SAP Business One introduces a new option, enabling to assign the multiple business partners to a given One equipment card:

One Equipment Card - Multiple BPs

When selected, a browsing button appears next to the Business Partner Code field in the Equipment. Enabling you to assign multiple business partners and set the default one to be display in the field:

One Equipment Card - Multiple BPs

If you select also the option Automatically Add Business Partners from New Documents to Existing Equipment Cards. Business partner from newly create documents where the given equipment card appears, will be add to that card automatically. Note that this option is available only when automatic creation of card is activate.

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