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ERM Apparel
There is no better way!

ERM Apparel

Science and technology has taken over the world economy by storm! Today, the market can easily find various software applications that automate different tasks. These highly efficient software applications are used by manufacturers, businesses, societies, organizations, and even individuals to make their day-to-day activities simple and quick. It is employed in virtually all industries.

The most basic industry with abundant use of the software applications is Apparel industry. ERM allows the least use of equipment and other software applications. The Apparel production units and retail stores are making productive use of software applications in their routine life. To meet the expectations, goals and objectives, it is essential to choose the right application!

Google Map Sales Analysis
Track your sales through Google Satellite Map; Filter data – Date, Road, Company & Salesman wise. Find new clients and grow your market.
Auto-Cloud Backup
Upload and store data directly on Google Drive / One Drive online, access data from anywhere, and restore backup when needed.
Data Security
Copy Directory, Defense Hard Disk, and Data Restore Password and Defense server.
Easy & Quick Billing
Generate wise batch invoices with accurate business details.
Manage inventory rates, set reorder points to stock up inventory, and save on expiry losses.
Quality Assurance
Ensure that GMP produces goods that meet specifications/requirements, as per plan, for the entire production and maintenance cycle.
Finish Good quality assurance
Easy-to-use, secure, configurable, FDA compliant, integrated & automated quality systems and flexible and customizable platforms.