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SAP Fieldglass

What is SAP Fieldglass?

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud based Vendor Management System (VMS) which enables organizations to manage, control, locate, and generate value form the external workforce.

This platform allows you to proactively reduces the costs and expenses, manage the security and quality of work. So to stay ahead of the competition, tap into a linked network of global talent and partners. In a smooth, end-to-end experience, adapt the solution to your needs.

How Does SAP Fieldglass Help You Get Work Done?

The modern workforce is undergoing a transformation. Employees now account for only 58 percent of workforce spending, with the remaining 42 percent going to External Resources such as independent contractors and freelancers, as well as service providers such as consulting firms and marketing agencies.

Innovation: Powering your External Workforce

Today’s workforce isn’t the same as yesterdays, and tomorrow’s will definitely be different as well. Organizations must rely on a well-managed, dynamic, and flexible external workforce to remain competitive.

SAP Fieldglass has been delivering proven, creative solutions that significantly change how businesses do business since 1999. Our open, cloud-based solution streamlines every aspect of purchasing and managing your external workforce by linking businesses to a global network of service providers and contingent workers in real time.

You may rapidly identify specialized expertise and scale up or down with speed and efficiency with SAP Fieldglass to create a new and better way of working. Our industry-leading solutions help businesses boost operational agility and accelerate business outcomes in the digital economy by allowing them to optimize their use of these resources.

SAP Fieldglass enables businesses to gain complete workforce insight, maximize cost savings, increase worker quality and efficiencies, and enforce compliance.

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Advantages of SAP Fieldglass:

  • Automate the entire flexible labor procurement and management process.
  • Integration with a wide range of enterprise and self-developed apps is possible with an open platform.
  • Greater visibility can aid in cost reduction, compliance enforcement, and program efficiency.
  • We’re early adopters of digital – sophisticated analytics, mobile, and machine learning – thanks to our innovative culture.
  • Reduce risk and ensure that safety and security measures are followed.
  • SAP, a leader in innovative solutions that fuel the intelligent enterprise, provides support and resources.

Solutions for the enterprise

SAP Fieldglass is an enterprise solution for managing all forms of external workforce and services across the talent lifecycle, from sourcing and management to invoicing, payment, and off-boarding.

Management of a Contingent Workforce From requisition to invoice and evaluation, one cloud-based solution can find, engage, manage, and pay all of your contingent workers. Automate and manage your non-payroll workforce holistically to streamline procedures, improve security, increase worker productivity, and strengthen your company’s resiliency.

Purchasing Services With a single, integrated cloud solution, streamline how external service providers – from consulting companies to agencies to maintenance crews – are recruited, engaged, managed, and paid. Manage Statement of Work (SOW) engagements, including contractors, managed services, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) models, with efficiency.

Management of Worker Profiles Track and manage all non-traditional workers who aren’t attached to a job ad or a Statement of Work (SOW). Enhance visibility and efficiency while ensuring improved external worker security and compliance.

Management of Tasks Simplify the way you manage ad hoc external work that falls within existing supplier agreements. With one solution, you can centrally deploy, manage, and pay various external workers across multiple assignments. Increase productivity, save costs, and better manage compliance.

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