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ERM Modular Structure
There is no better way!

ERManager is distributed in different modules like

General Ledger

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Payable

Production Planning Management

Bank and Cash Management

Inventory Management

Purchasing Management

Human Resources Management

Quality Management

Sales Management

Foreign Trade Document Management

Secondary Sales Management

Material Requisition Planning – MRP

Fixed Asset Management

Budgeting and Costing

Shop Floor Control

Field Force Management is Solutions evolved to strengthen up the ERManager

Textile-IS (Textile & Merchandising Information System – Module)

ENG-IS (Engineering Information System – Module)



Bills of material



Workflow Management

Quality Control

Cost Management

Manufacturing Process

Bills of material

Manufacturing Flow


Order to Cash


Order Entry


Product Configuration

Supply Chain Planning

Supplier Scheduling

Inspection of Goods

Claim Processing

Commission Calculation


General Ledger

Cash Management

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Fixed Assets


Sales and Marketing



Customer Call Center Support

Human Resources

Human Resources





Time and Attendance


User Privilege

Authority Levels

Process Execution


Meet the Extension


Change in Process Flow


ERManager technology that provides protection and reliability to ensure its functionality under the prevailing shop-floor conditions.

The front end is built through the use of. NET (the new framework).

The Backend is database-independent (Use Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) that ensures total security and no data loss or corruption.

We have done a number of Implementations in Pakistan & Middle East with renowned & satisfied clients on deck. Some of the business sectors where we provided our local ERP solution are:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Garments & Textiles
  • Advertisement and Activation Agencies
  • Auto Parts Manufacturers
  • Food Sector
  • Packages
  • Sugar Industry
  • Polypropylene Industry
  • Engineering Sector
  • Surgical Items Manufacturers
  • Lubricants & Oils
  • Pipe Manufacturers
  • Diaper Manufacturers
  • Lubricants & Oils
  • Chemical Industries (Manufacturers and Traders)


Financial Management:
  • Multiple company & branches support
  • Company setup
  • Configurable chart of account (Unlimited Levels)
  • Single chart of account for group companies/branches
  • Separate chart of account for each company
  • Define multiple financial entities for consolidated reporting
  • Create recurring and reversal journal vouchers
  • Post to multiple fiscal periods (including the future year) subject to definable controls.
General Ledger:
  • Natural chart of account
  • Unlimited foreign currency transaction
  • Complete audit trial
  • Unlimited balance sheet version
  • Reversal document tracking
  • Voucher display and printing
  • Eight column trail balance
  • Drilled down facility in trial balance on transaction level
  • Cost centre accounting
  • Expense allocation – cost centre wise in G/L
  • Journal voucher entries – cost centre wise
  • Cash and bank management
  • Post cash entries
  • Book incoming post-dated cheques from vendors
  • Book outgoing post-dated cheques to customers
Account Payable:
  • Vendor master maintenance
  • Unlimited vendor grouping
  • Vendor invoice without PO
  • Vendor payment with invoice clearing
  • Foreign currency payment
  • Vendor clearing
  • Down payment to vendor
  • Down payment adjustment in payment
  • Postdate cheque handling
Account Receivable:
  • Customer master maintenance
  • Unlimited customer grouping
  • Customer invoice without sales order
  • Customer collection with invoice clearing
  • Down payment from customer record
  • Variable period customer aging
  • Outstanding information (customer wise and invoice wise)
  • Customer clearing
  • Postdate cheque handling
Financial Budgeting:
  • Budget planning
  • Account head selection for budget
  • Plan budgets
  • Actual budget
  • Budgeted VS Actual (comparison)
Fixed Assets:
  • Maintain asset acquisitions
  • Maintain the disposal of assets process
  • Complete depreciation model
Purchases Management:
  • Stream line processes and strengthen purchase power
  • Tracks and controls the entire purchasing function
  • Maintain contracts and agreements
  • Comprehensive pricing schemes
Pre-Purchase Processes:
  • Purchase requisition maintenance
  • Request for quotation maintenance
  • Quotation recording
  • Vendor analysis
Purchase Order:
  • Purchase order with requisition
  • Purchase order without requisition
  • Purchase order history with detail tracking
  • Detail purchase order pricing schemes
  • Schedule purchase order for multiple goods received
  • Capability to create PO with inventory item as well as non-inventory item
  • Purchase order for services
Post-Purchase Order Process:
  • Goods receipt with PO
  • Invoice receipt with PO
  • Goods receipt without PO
  • Invoice receipt without PO
  • Closing adjustment for PO
  • Multiple plants / stores
  • Multiple plant maintenance – company wise
  • Maintain multiple material types (Raw, Finish, Tools, etc.)
  • Maintain multiple characteristics for a single material
  • Maintain inventory correction – (Rates, Quantity)
Master Data:
  • Material master data
  • Plant and store master data
  • Minimum and maximum order quantity
  • Multiple material valuation
  • Plant and store level stocks
  • Multi batch processing
Good Receipt:
  • Good receipt without PO
  • Goods receipt with PO
  • Semi / Finished receipt from production
  • Semi / Fin. receipt from subcontractor – with or without purchase order
  • Goods receipt using bar code device
Good Issue:
  • Goods issue to production with reservation
  • Goods issue to production without reservation
  • Goods issue for departmental use
  • Goods issue to sales order
  • Goods return to vendors
  • Goods issue to subcontractors – with or without purchase order
Sales Management:
  • Stream line processes and strengthen sales power
  • Tracks and controls the entire sales function
  • Maintain contracts and agreements
  • Comprehensive pricing schemes