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SAP Consultant Training

Your ticket to a great career is being a SAP Consultant. If you have the essential technological and interpersonal skill for SAP consultancy, you’re sure to go to places.

SuperNova Solutions will build tailored SAP wide-scale implementation training programs for your IT, management staff, technical product community, or anyone in the company, who requires SAP training. Our validated course creation process is always in line to your specific demands of content. Our collaboration and partnership on every step of the way builds a successful curriculum that meets your needs.

SAP will give you the work satisfaction you deserve at a market-competitive salary and satisfy your need for recognition and respect. This area is cutting edge and super competitive. Stay up to date with the market trends and keep your knowledge base growing. Aim to stay ahead of the crowd by networking in and out of the industry.

This platform offers the latest learning material for consultants to introduce, assist and collaborate with SAP solutions. It provides on-demand and flexible learning opportunities, including self-study, physical or virtual workshops, and one-on – one knowledge-exchange sessions. This helps increase reimbursable days and minimize training costs.

Various SAP Career Paths to Choose From:

SAP Business Consultants

These are the executives who better understand the market than the application. They are the organization’s faces that manage 90 per cent of client interactions. These experiences include representing the company, pitching proposals, project winning, customer requirement selection, final project implementation and providing support to the product life cycle.

SAP Functional Consultants

These consultants are the ones who do the actual modification of the program according to the organization’s specific requirements. SAP FICO, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP QM and so on are all essential functional modules for SAP.

SAP Technical Consultant

Software consultant is another term for SAP Technical Consultant. These consultants do the necessary ABAP, JAVA coding and programming for the development of the system.

SAP Basis Consultants

SAP Basis consultants are responsible for installing SAP applications and updating, implementing and repairing maintenance programs. The consultant is responsible for installing add-on software modules that can modify SAP profile criteria, analyze workloads and system failures and set up traditional Background jobs, including system safety checks and monitoring.