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ERManager delivers the real benefits that today’s businesses desire in their ERP System

SuperNova Solutions is an expert at delivering different organizations with the latest ERP solutions. We are aware of the evolving needs and demands of different organizations, which help to make business more effective in various operations. The Cloud ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – boosts the productivity in many ways.

Today, ERP is within control of a few top-ranking organizations in the world. ERP has helped these businesses reach this degree of success and it continues to. The underlying aim of ERManager (ERP) Solution is to make this program available to small, medium and large businesses, so that they can get the full benefit from this blessing in disguise. ERManager is the choice of tool for the businesses that desire fast retrieval of information, decreased documentation pressure, improved quality of output and elimination of wastage from any business operation. By delivering a bird’s eye view of the entire company, it offers excellent access to senior and middle level managers.

Every company asks its employees to do more with less, and use technology to increase productivity. But the approach that will have positive return on investment must be recognized and embraced. The ERManager – ERP Solutions is a completely integrated system that manages all comprehensive information, about different departments, locations, divisions and businesses, both online and interconnected at the same time.


Finance Management
Materials Management
Inventory management
Production Planning & Shop Floor Controlling
Human Resource Management
Material Requisition Planning MRP
Quality Management
Sales Management


For any enterprise, ERManager is the perfect option because:

Competitive cost that suits every client.
Provides platform modification capability by adding or removing modules as required.
A versatile framework that can operate both with product- and service-oriented organizations.
Management at the top level can manage all of the tasks without any difficulty.
Quality can be accomplished with positive performance and profits.


For any enterprise, ERManager is the perfect option because:

All modules contain comprehensive details and standardized functionality.
Information can be easily exchanged across various organization’s divisions.
The tasks can be standardized according to workflows and processes.
Reduced costs.
The management and marketing departments can analyze and monitor different stages.
Improved forecasting and following-up.
Data about HR could become standardized.
The production cycle is more efficient and the businesses have a greater competitive edge for their export, import and production solution.
Financial information is integrated on time.
As it comes to inventory related information, customer order data is incorporated and customer history is stored.
Details on the productivity of employees and enterprises can be evaluated.
Reports that have in-depth data from different departments may be monitored.
Monitoring and tracking of interdepartmental activities, which can be handed over easily.
Database access can be regulated or made accessible only when the need arises.