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SAP Enterprise believes in the power of in-memory computing from SAP HANA. Surely to help small businesses run smarter, faster and easier to gain competitive advantage. At steady pace, SAP HANA lets your company get answers to questions. Likewise more companies now rely on real-time intelligence seeking a quicker in fact more reliable performance based management system. At the same time, SAP HANA handles transactions and analytics on any data type. With built-in advanced analytics and multi-model data processing engines that can be leveraged to create next-generation smart enterprise applications.


Run SAP HANA for the smart enterprise to operate with live intelligence on every cloud or on-premise, modernize for agility and cost-effective size. Make use of the power of your data and speed up trusted outcome-driven innovation by creating smart and live solutions for real-time decisions and behavior on a single copy of data. From time to time enable transactional and computational analysis of the next generation with a wide variety of advanced analytics-securely deployed through hybrid and multicloud environments





  • Key Advantages Simplify IT with a single trans-analytic framework.


  • Answer complex business questions by embedded analytics of ‘Big Data.’


  • Thus reduce cycles of growth and preparation by calculations in memory.


  • Allow faster decisions about key company operations through predictive analysis.


ESTABLISH the platform for a Smart Enterprise

Transform Database Management : Using a single copy of business data and a stable digital data platform to simplify operations.

Leverage Advanced Analytics: Leverage advanced business, document, dimensional, graph furthermore series data processing engines.

Process Data In-Memory: Data processing and storage wherever it exists using virtualisation, convergence, or duplication of data.

Create next-generation technologies: Enjoy the benefits of interpersonal and predictive hybrid processing capabilities to develop applications next generation.

Security: Maintain secure communications, data storage and application services with stringent identity and access controls