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Give a Try to List View Grouping Menu

Zero patience, immediate satisfaction, tl;dr, long story short… rings a bell? Well, this is how we run these days – we want it all and now, we want everything to be clear and transparent and… we don’t want to look at the fine print or delve into piles of data. And yet sometimes you just can’t escape… So, if your job is to prepare the data so it is easy to consume, or you are the one to analyze it and condense it into a bottom line, using the list view grouping menu in the Web Client for SAP Business One may make your work more efficient. Let’s say you have a list of A/R invoices grouped by Customer Name and Due Date:

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The bubble that appears next to the “2 Grouped” link, indicates that the 1st level of grouping is done by the “Customer Name” column, and the 2nd by “Due Date” column. In addition, you may notice that the columns by which the list is grouped are not displayed. By using the context menu in a grouped list view, you may apply the following options:

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Show – to display the columns by which the grouping is done

Ungroup – to ungroup the 1st level, in our example: “Customer Name”

Ungroup All – to remove all grouping from the list

Move Up / Move Down – to change the hierarchy of grouping levels, in our example: can be used for making the “Due Date” 1st level grouping and “Customer Name” 2nd

Sort Ascending / Sort Descending – to sort the column of the 1st level by ascending or descending order

Collapse Level – to collapses the data by the lowest level expanded

Collapse All – to collapses the list by all levels of grouping

Once your grouping is complete, you can save it as view, as a tile, share it with authorized colleagues by mail, and export it to Excel while maintaining the grouping structure. 

Available in the Web Client for SAP Business One and SAP Business One , version for SAP HANA. This tip and all the other tips are available on the Tip of the week community page. You can also visit the Implementation Arena for useful implementation tips.

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