Plot # 225/1/F PECHS Block 2, Sindh, Pakistan

Amreli Steels – Improvise and Innovate

Amreli steels is one of the biggest steel bar manufacturers in Pakistan. They have a SMS plant in Dhabeji, Karachi. Due to a huge unused space available in Dhabeji, Amreli Steels had expanded the plant there. The plant’s expansion involved some of the biggest steel machines manufactured in the world. The company was planning to enhance the production facility, as it was not good enough to cater the local requirement. The goal of this implementation was to integrate and implement a new plant in the existing implementation of SAP within the required time.

The problem arose when a three-month unanticipated gap was witnessed between the implementation of the project. This gap was due to the delay in the production facility. As SuperNova Solutions believes in innovation, commitment and customer satisfaction, we decided not to waste any time and utilize the 3-months period to provide as much as we can to our client. Therefore, we designed with innovation and implemented more new modules for Amreli Steels. We decided to implement the system without production functions initially and integrate and implement it later, when the facility is set-up.

The new plant was a complete suite of the modules that were implemented earlier, on the previous plant, and were now extended to the new plant. These modules included sales, material management, production and the financial control. Our innovation in this implementation was inclusion and integration of fund management, quality management and all workflows. Initially, the company had started with three workflows and since then, they are continuously expanding and implementing more workflows due to our seamless integration and unparalleled methodology. In addition to that, we also implemented segment accounting, material ledger, and a retail-enhanced sales cycle.

We received a tremendous feedback from the client for our methodology, planning, improvisation and overall implementation. Amreli Steels has chosen SuperNova for all its future enhancements, automations and implementations. We have become a family.