Plot # 225/1/F PECHS Block 2, Sindh, Pakistan

SANTE – Innovation and Time

June 2019 – We took on the ever-difficult task for our industry-leading client, Sante Private Limited. It had been working on a very simple and basic legacy system that was providing them light and basic information on a small setup with very limited options. The software covered only sales, inventory and accounting for the organization, and that too on a very lighter note and without integration. There was no track recording of the operations. The aim was to integrate not only all the departments, including finance, supply chain, human resources and sales, but also the production quality and the plant maintenance in the system.

We had to implement our custom-designed solution within six months. At the beginning, it looked like a very difficult task that was impossible to complete within the given duration. However, the deadline was set as the top priority target by the project team to our highly trained and qualified consultants, to which they responded affirmatively and announced the acceptance of the challenge to Sante pvt. Ltd. SuperNova values commitment, integrity and customer satisfaction, the most.

It wasn’t an easy implementation as pharmaceutical organizations require very careful, accurate and problem-free implementation. We initiated with providing Sante Pvt. Ltd. the first-hand knowledge about our leading and popular solution, SAP S/4 Hana. SAP S/4HANA is the industry-leading smart ERP that helps companies across all industries achieve unprecedented business agility, enabling them to meet ever-growing consumer needs, deliver new products and services, and manage capital more effectively, in an era of growing industry and regulatory demands.

After rigorous discussion and planning, A Core team of highly competent and expert individuals was formed with members from both Super Nova and Sante. This team was responsible for the design and delivery of the implementation. The management of the Sante Pvt. Ltd. keenly participated in the project.

The implementation started with the finance and ended with the plant maintenance including the plant production planning, quality management, material management, sales and distribution. On the finance side, we implemented material ledger, costing and profitability analysis, product costing, cost accounting, asset management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, bank reconciliation and a very detailed work flow analysis of the payment cycle. In addition to that, a detailed release strategy in the material management, inventory management and purchase management that integrates with quality was also set up. For sales, the primary sales system was implemented. Other than that, production planning including the recipe management conformation was also integrated with quality management and plant maintenance in the system.

We provided a hands-on training to all the key users of Sante, as we believe in empowering our clients rather than just enabling them. The seemingly impossible deadline requested by our client on the first day of the project was successfully met and all the parameters of needs and demands set were taken care of with our state of the art ERP solution. Sante Pvt. Ltd. has a very good satisfaction level from our implementation and continuous innovative support as it also identifies all the opportunities and loopholes for growth of the organization. We used the SAP Activate + ASAP methodology and combined those methodologies to make it a customized methodology that suited the local Pakistani environment.