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Set Default Price List for BPs

Kits, suits, templates… they make our lives so much easier, and turn our work to be more efficient… but we all know that we don’t always find the perfect match, and then work is not that efficient anymore… One way to solve it would be create additional templates to fit every use case. Another way is to open up and allow some “mix and match” to create endless variety of options made of the building blocks we already have. Take Payment Term as example – it contain multiple details, including the price list to be assigned to the business partner. But what if it doesn’t fit? What if you want to set the price list independently from the payment term? For this use case exactly, SAP Business One introduces a new setting:

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When selected, you can define the default price list for business partners to be used instead of the price list defined in the payment term. In such case, the “Price List” field in the “Payment Terms – Setup” window is hidden:

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Available in SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2105 and SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2105, version for SAP HANA. This tip and all the other tips are available on SAP Community. You can also visit the Implementation Arena for useful implementation tips.

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