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Show UDTs in Menu & Home Page

Having hard time to choose? Frustrated by too many options? can’t decide where to spend the next vacation? Home styling direction? New career path? While we can’t help you resolve the above deliberations, we are able to save you some others. We can tell you that when using the Web Client for SAP Business One, you get to leverage the core processes and business logic available in the desktop client alongside modern user experience and new capabilities. For example let’s look at User-Defined Tables (UDTs) – these have been used for long time for extending and customize SAP Business One, and now with the Web Client the UDTs may gain the visibility they deserve!

When defining in the desktop client UDTs with object type “No Object” you can decide whether to display the UDT in the Web Client Main Menu and Home Page: 

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After selecting “Display Menu” option for the relevant UDTs, they immediately appear in the Web Client Main Menu: 

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If you want them to appear also as tiles in the home page, you can do it via the “Edit Home Page” option, under the user area.

Available in the Web Client and desktop client for SAP Business One 10.0 FP2202, and SAP Business One 10.0 FP2202, version for SAP HANA. This tip and all the other tips are available in the SAP Community You can also visit the Implementation Arena for useful implementation tips.

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