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SAP Business One
Business One Fashion

SAP Business One for the fashion industry!

SAP Business One Fashion is a hierarchical solution for the textile sector that facilitates the handling of articles by types, sizes and colors, with the option of rapid processing or import from Excel. By using a two-dimensional matrix and printing documents also in matrix format it enables a detailed order management.

Reaping the benefits of SAP Business One’s advanced features, this add-on is primarily designed for businesses in the fashion industry, helping them streamline their day-to-day operations, adapt quickly to shifts in market trends and reduce the costs and times of each operation.

Product Life Cycle Management Integration

Our fashion and clothing platform brings together all of the main business functions, integrating essential technologies in a comprehensive system for PLM, order processing, ERP and finance apparel companies. It offers the all-important end-to-end transparency, allowing easy access to real-time information the apparel businesses need to make fast and effective business decisions. Growing company competitiveness and speeding up market pace.

Integrated Solution

Since our integrated solutions combine core appliance processes ranging from design, growth, and sourcing to manufacturing, inventory management, multi-channel delivery, and finance, this avoids business-wide duplication of effort, illustrating time and cost inefficiencies, and restructuring practices across the product life cycle.

Design & Concept

Our end-to-end processes unify the entire product chain from design and concept to production and distribution, integrating Material Requirement Planning (MRP) modules for intelligent and sensitive inventory reordering, and a robust, to name but two, warehouse management feature. This avoids any disconnection to easier, smoother product growth and production between various areas of the enterprise.

Data & Processes

SAP Business One combine all data and processes, offering a stable foundation for the company on which to make reliable, efficient decisions. By integrating all enterprise-critical information into a single data hub, removing departmental information silos, you will ensure that the data that informs your decision making is a real, timely representation of the entire company.

“Do not only take our word for it, see the strengths of SAP Business One Fashion and the simplicity to use design with our demo solution for yourself”

Features & Functionality

For Fashion SAP Business One is a strong, integrated ERP solution. Learn how the solution’s features will optimize your company and drive new growth.

The solution covers everything from financials, sales and purchasing to inventory control, production and product lifecycle management.


SAP Business One Financial and Accounting offers a comprehensive suite of tools to administer, improve efficiency and automate your financial operations and helps you to take full control of your finances. The program takes care of all financial analysis and all financial transactions with applications for general ledger, journal reports, project cost accounting, budget management, monitoring, multi-currency support and many other functions, completely integrating the financial processes with all other business functions.


SAP Business One Reporting enables you with the opportunity to generate available, reliable and accurate reports on your particular KPIs. With a large range of predefined reports at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily produce comprehensive, informative reports, ensuring unbeatable rates of market transparency.


The SAP Business One Sales Module increases levels of efficiency across the board by reducing process complexity. Various functions are automated, thus simplifying the way quotes are issued. Specialized order software allows you to submit customer orders quickly and easily, reserve products automatically and inform the warehouse of the delivery date, eliminating the margin for error and significantly speeding up the whole process. The method of ordering purchases is made even more effective by being able to access inventory data across multiple warehouses.


SAP Business One’s Purchase Management software handles the procurement efficiently by streamlining the entire procurement process. The robust functionality offered by the system allows you to keep all vendor and item master data in one centralized database, taking care of key business functions, from purchase orders right through to vendor invoice payment. Integrating this crucial information with all other business transactions to provide maximum access to the end-to-end procurement process.


Improved automation means big cost savings for the business, too, for invoicing. The module can generate single or multiple POs and receipts of products automatically, linking to the appropriate purchase records, all while handling deposits and expenditure, not to consider dealing with multiple currencies.

Inventory Control

SAP Business One Data Management Inventory Control is second to none. You can automatically monitor receipts and issues of goods, chart product movements while conducting detailed and precise counts of inventories and periods. This ability to reliably assess inbound and outbound shipments as well as to transition between warehouses ensures reliable, timely and in-depth inventories


SAP Business One provides the correct details, at the right time and in the right format, providing full end-to-end visibility of products from order entry through manufacture and delivery. Powerful integrated Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) technology helps you to identify any number of planning possibilities, forecasting production accurately based on detailed forecasts.


SAP Business One CRM offers the opportunity to monitor all sales opportunities from initial contact to closing of sales, with all customer data collected in one server that is easy to access. It offers a full view of the client, irrespective of the point in the phase they are at, offering you unparalleled visibility into their individual needs.

Collaboration Portal

SAP Business One partnership platform for Fashion brings to a close the contact gaps between internal staff, customers and vendors. The solution increases both parties ‘access to and accessibility of data, eliminates changes and modifications, and eventually enhances communication and streamline processes. The site can be reached on a mobile computer.