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SAP Manufacturing Industry

What are businesses looking for in ERP software manufacturing? If it’s maintaining a make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, or engineer-to-order production environment, manufacturing companies are trying to automate daily operations, eliminate waste, simplify processes, and increase versatility in production.

Small and medium-sized producers have the same problems around the board

Using obsolete accounting and operating systems, and it is operationally poor.
Manually tracking the lot numbers through spreadsheets.
Fighting their low-end accounting tools with poor inventory management.
Trying to monitor the cost of the goods produced on the items made.

SAP Business One’s Built-in Process for Manufacturers

SAP Business One enables all part of your manufacturing activities more accessible and addresses the most challenging production challenges. SAP Business One’s native apps and functions include the all-in – one solution that rising manufacturing companies need to efficiently operate their day-to-day operations.

Designed for discrete and process manufacturing businesses of small to medium size, SAP Business One offers the reliable, real-time information you need to control your production to productivity – and with integrated applications for EDI, supply chain management, shipping logistics and advanced manufacturing capabilities, it makes running your end-to-end activity easier than you expected.


Stay prompt and accurate

Include reasonable turnaround dates that you can stick to by reducing lead times and optimizing processes.

Reduce pre-production time

Boost preparation, coordination and sensitivity to ever-changing requirements, allowing you to start projects more quickly.

Execute accurate quotations

Include detailed quotes and handle your employees, resources, and materials easily.

Drive higher level of direct usage

Boost system and labor utilization levels by increasing efficiencies with less indirect hours of operation.

Adapt faster

Adjust to change orders quickly with transparent data exchange to ensure the projects remain on track.

Better customer satisfaction

Ensure that customers get high quality goods from your business with sophisticated quality controls.

Key Feature

Project & Production Management

Remain on top of real-time, cross-functional reporting programs, including manufacturing and distribution management, cost accounting, monitoring and more.

Material Resource Planning (MRP) II & Production

Comprehensive material management functionality, including order- and stock-related development, development of mixed and variations, and other manufacturing controls.

Pool Controls

Improve productivity in planning with pool controls that are determined by the job volume.

Quality Management

Prepare and carry out quality checks from the initial procurement and during the production process, throughout the material flow.

Cost Estimate

Plan forecasts for regular goods or quotes for custom production orders, and measure profit margins easily.

Supply Chain & Sales Management

Supply procurement order management and purchase order management including blanket orders and automated purchases based on EDI industry standards.


Build custom dashboards to give the company a 360-degree view and boost operational reporting with robust ad-hoc queries and analyzes.

Component Configurator

Handle the setup, estimation, and installation of your model variants.

Multiple Inventory Management

Inventory management with sophisticated warehouse and bin location monitoring.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Look over order times, lead times, turnaround dates, storage allocations, material bills, batch classes, and availability of services.