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SAP C4/Hana

Digitization has completely changed the game in terms of marketing, revenue, trade and operation. Today, no business can rely on a “one size fits all” model to get the message across, persuade customers or attract loyal clients. Therefore, the conventional customer relationship management (CRM) has also been transforming.

All you need to learn about a new-look CRM system from SAP: C/4HANA

SAP C/4HANA is a Customer Experience (CX) suite designed to transform the management of customer relations (CRM). Today’s CRM systems are geared towards sales. Consumer partnerships, however, do not end until a transaction is completed. Customer service has become the top priority in boardrooms, throughout the globe, and with this change in behavior and strategy, the traditional CRM systems no longer meet the specifications and current demands.

SAP C/4HANA is a “Next-Generation CRM” system as it has modernized the existing CRM systems. It has accomplished this by promoting positive customer interaction at all stages of the customer journey, delivering consistent service across all platforms and generating real-time data.

With its new CRM program, SAP puts supply and demand together. The C/4HANA solutions provide the tools and information for businesses to capture and manage their consumer data carefully. It also enhances the workplace efficiency and provides several resources to improve customer service.

The SAP Customer Experience suite, C/4HANA, includes 5 clouds that will cover and optimize all of your front-office operations.

Marketing Cloud

Sales Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Service Cloud

Customer Data Cloud

Every cloud has many tools and advanced integrated technology to help with your daily operations.

With C/4HANA, companies will be able to simplify time-consuming operations, increase efficiency of employees and understand customers better.

C4/Hana Marketing Cloud

The C/4HANA Marketing Platform lets you improve your workplace efficiency and get a better understanding of your customers. The C/4HANA Marketing Cloud provides you with many tools to accomplish both.

So why is perception of your clients so important to you?

The C/4HANA marketing cloud provides you with the ability to collect customer data from any source, and then present it in a single unified customer experience platform. This data will give you a 360 ° view of your customers and help you decide how to better engage them using a more focused approach. You can also start automated campaigns, powered across various channels including e-mail, mobile and social media.

Your consumer understanding will help you find out where to target your marketing efforts.

Some key features within the SAP Marketing cloud are

Single unified customer view

Target group identifications

Custom Omni channel experiences

Discovery and visualization tools

Multichannel campaigns

C4/Hana Sales Cloud

The C/4HANA Sales Cloud will help you find new leads, conclude more deals, improve productivity and automate your sales processes. In addition, you can access the C/4HANA sales cloud anywhere, and on any device.

New leads can be found within the current and non-existent accounts inside the SAP Sales cloud. The lead scoring tool shows the probability of a lead to convert. It works with the same rankings and concepts as the chance scoring tool. You can rate sales opportunities with the opportunity scoring method, to assess the probability of winning a contract. Sales reps will then take advantage of these scores to prioritize the prospects they are focused on.

With the aid of your associates, closing a deal is even simpler as the ‘influencer map’ feature inside C/4HANA suggests colleagues who are more likely to help you close the deal. The opportunity to sell anytime, anywhere and on any device with a quick and fast access to your back office, will help you win new business.

Other capabilities within the SAP C/4HANA Sales cloud are

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Sales performance management (SPM)

Sales overviews

Homepage customization.

Predictive analytics

C4/HANA commerce cloud

The C/4HANA Commerce cloud lets you take control of all aspects of your sales, customer service processes and communication. This also allows you to build the ideal customer experience, both online and in-store. Customers can still order, return or pick up their items in a convenient way.

The C/4HANA Commerce platform also offers a clear view of the content and goods across all the platforms to your consumers and recommends cross-selling product reviews, promotions and optimization of searches.

In addition, the C/4HANA Commerce cloud provides a 360 ° view of Supported Customer Service, which can help you provide your customers personalized services. Thus, you would be able to identify in-store customers and give them the best advice based on data already collected.

A few capabilities of the C/4HANA Commerce cloud are

Omni-channel storefront

Experienced management tool

Order management solution

C/4HANA Service cloud

The C/4HANA Service cloud will help you provide the quality your customers deserve, and increase in your productivity.

How is the Service Cloud able to boost my productivity?

This can be achieved inside the C/4HANA Server cloud with various devices. All the cloud tools and frameworks in the System are combined into one gui. That means your agents will no longer need to move between screens to solve problems or generate new orders.

C/4HANA Service Cloud operates hand in hand with the C/4HANA Commerce platform to provide a full summary of the context of the customer’s order. Through this way, you can support them and provide them with the goods and services that they need.

Your service technicians can identify the problems easily after the implementation of smart technologies. Thanks to the online and offline features of the device, the technicians can complete their work without the constant need for an internet connection.

In addition, the C/4HANA Service cloud includes a field service management tool which provides the right gears for your customers and field service technicians. With the field service management app, your field service technicians can easily fix any issues and provide the right details to your customers.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Some organizations collect data but don’t know how to use it. Many companies know how to use their data but only gather data from a single source, such as social media.

The C/4HANA Customer data cloud has an integrated permission management tool which gives your customer transparency regarding data collection.

A few capabilities of the C/4HANA Service cloud are

Preference management

User engagement and loyalty

Customized registration

Social Logins