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SAP Success Factor

SAP Success Factors is a modern cloud-based HR program. The product’s popularity has resulted in an ever-expanding demand. The technology suite for human resource management includes on-board, social business and collaboration tools, learning management system (LMS), performance management, recruiting software, succession planning and talent management applications. It updates and declutters the HR systems to make them easier and more user friendly.

Transform Human Capital Management (HCM) with SAP SuccessFactors. Deliver experiences that help employees achieve their own goals – and yours.

Consumers have more flexibility in an increasingly integrated world, where they shop, how they spend their time and with whom they work. You need the best talents working at their full potential to stay ahead of the competition – and that means linking them to the mission of your business.

Were you in the HR department facing these challenges?

Knowing where to find appropriate high job potential?
Analyzing your existing staff and identifying them?
Systemizing your high potential education programmes?
Job perceptions stay or quit, of your specialists and executives.

Why SAP Success Factors is the best solution?

Increase the morale of workers with an intuitive user interface
Customer-tailored, user experience with modern interface, mobile-first creation, collaboration, and smart services.
Benefit from Live Insights and Predictive Analytics
Relevant embedded reports, analytics, and live insights from every tab in the HCM Suite for SAP Success Factors.
Start easy, and quickly achieve value
Flexibility of delivery based on your particular needs as a Multinational organization, mid- regional organization or small business, based on lessons learned from thousands of customer implementations.
Keep up with the rapid development of technology
Continuous creativity around changing business demands and employee requirements, such as ongoing monitoring of results.

SAP Success Factors Main Features

HR core system Employee Central



Performance & Goals


Succession & Development


Workforce Planning

Workforce Analytics & Reporting


Let’s learn about all these factors

Compensation data
Compensation data method lets you pass data to SuccessFactors from SAP ERP HCM. It helps you get expected data transfer.
Employee Data
Helps you to migrate SAP ERP HCM employee and company-related data into SuccessFactors. This aspect assists in controlling the SuccessFactors Talent Management process.
Data evaluation
In this process, employee pre-hire data will later be exported to SucessFactor from the HCM suite. It is later extracted, and the information is sent to SuccessFactors.