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Bringing the future of healthcare

Pharmaceutical and life science companies are developing and manufacturing prescription drugs which are used as patient medicines. Healthcare companies have to concentrate on manufacturing medicines successfully to protect the health of patients correctly. SAP software framework provides a distinct solution in an integrated approach to drug development.

Using insights and knowledge acquired from long-term experience within the pharmaceutical industry, SAP has developed a portfolio of reference solutions and content called SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals. Implementation of SAP allows efficient preparation for the production increase.

The service is prepackaged with SAP S/4HANA, ready to be used across end-to-end processes, and based on the latest industry best practices and master data. It delivers business value within two to four weeks by providing an advanced IT architecture and the highest degree of standardization in order to lower implementation risks and build a future-proof digital foundation.

SAP pharma


Portfolio and Project Management

Developing new therapies and services based on value-driven investment decisions.

Product Compliance

Developing new therapies that comply with evolving regulations and maintaining brand value.

Device design and Engineering

Collaborate across silos and integrate product development to get to market first with innovative, compliant products.

Batch Management

Decide the composition, features and characteristics of each batch of products.

Potency Management

Measure, manage and decide the quantity of each ingredient used in the final product.

Change Management

Improve product quality or composition based on the research and development report by changing recipe.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action

Improvise when an issue occurs or plan beforehand, during the manufacturing process.

Drug Formulation and Recipe Development

Accelerate time to market and reduce development cost through integrated and collaborative development of innovative and compliant products.

Team Management and Learning

Simplify talent management to engage, develop, and retain the right talent.

Contract Research Organization Collaboration

Streamline how you find, source, and manage flexible workers with external workforce management.

Invoice and Pay

Integrate management for invoice processing and accounts payables.

Buy and Deliver Indirect Material

Improve operational efficiency and source determination for indirect materials.

Direct Material Plan and Forecast

Meet demand by adequately communicating material/product requirements over time.

Sourcing and Contract Management

Reduce risk and cost through increased savings opportunities, sourcing efficiency, and contract and supplier compliance.

Cold Chain and Transportation Management

Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes.

Demand Management and Insights

Create accurate demand plans by gaining insights to achieve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Response and Supply Planning

Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes.

Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning

Aligning demand and supply plans across business functions, in tune with overall financial goals.

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse management with optimized planning and automated processes.

Asset Operations and Maintenance

Manage physical assets to cut operating and capital costs and improve operational safety and asset use.

Manufacturing Performance Management

Manage manufacturing performance across plants using standardized & customized KPIs to optimize manufacturing operations and predict quality.

Asset Performance Management

Connect digitally with a central data foundation across all assets to perfect reality from design to operation.

Production Operations and Quality Management

Improve process visibility and performance.

Field Service Management

Support field service from every angle with optimized workforce scheduling and mobile apps.

Optimized Marketing

Gain visibility and control of the closed-loop marketing processes. Make data-driven decisions to increase the marketing ROI.

Sales Performance Management

Turn strategy into action with solid sales performance management to boost revenue and exceed quotas.

Customer Experience Management

Manage your customers’ experience across the entire engagement cycle.

Record Management

Batch processing and drug preparation formulae are store automatically on the cloud server, so that the representative concerned can use it for output.


Goods Manufacturing Practice

SAP aims to adopt Goods Manufacturing Practice to manufacture goods with defined quality requirements that reduce the associated risks.

Checking Expiry

Pharma is mainly concerned with its time period. It gives the concerned members alerts and updates when the commodity reaches the expiry date.

Quality Management

Quality reports are regularly updated in a centralized system so that all individuals in the department can perceive their position to produce drugs of high quality.

Demand Based Production

It apparently means seeking a cure for the currently prevalent disease in the setting where different things are handled in order to provide patients with timely service.

Record Management

Batch processing and drug preparation formulae are store automatically on the cloud server, so that the representative concerned can use it for output.

Real time Reports

Baseline Monitoring report for stage wise production process is generated over a pre-defined time period. This knowledge helps decrease manual process maintenance effort.

Benefits For Pharmaceutical Company

For any enterprise, ERManager is the perfect option because:

With our program, expenses on process manufacturing can be shortly noted. The require details will be access through a single-click option enabling the financial statements to be calculate within a moment.
Automated system recognizes vendors to store full usable database in a centralized framework leading to knowledge awareness.
Since pharmaceutical products are very sensitive you can receive lifetime notifications / alerts when the raw materials and inventories come to an expiry date.
From ordering before product delivery everything is monitor with a view to delivering goods at the right time to the right customer.
The system audit material price with correct measurement as industrial users can quote price exactly according to consumer demands, without any defects.
Inventory management system quickly moves goods to consumer locations for which assessment of demands appears to be a simple task.